ATA 32 – Landing Gear

The landing gear system is one of the most critical subsystems of an aircraft and is often configured with the aircraft structure because of its substantial influence on the aircraft structural configuration itself.

The purpose of the landing gear in an aircraft is to provide a suspension system during taxi, take-off and landing. It is designed to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of landing impact. A Landing Gear system comprises of many structural and system components.

The structural components include Main fitting, Shock absorber, Axle, Torque links, Drag/Side braces, Retraction actuator, Down lock mechanism, Up lock, Wheel, Tire etc. The system components are Brake unit, Antiskid system, retraction system components. The daily impact the landing gear system bolsters can lead to breakdown. Preventing the system from an airplane collapse requires scheduled maintenance, repair, and, overhaul.

Ultra Aerospace offers; maintenance, exchange, loan and outright sale of Landing Gear systems. Our established partnerships with industry leading FAA/EASA 145 service providers in South Florida and throughout the US, enable UA to stock hard to find, fully documented back to airline and back to birth traced gears along with their sub- assemblies in overhauled and new/ new  surplus condition. Available to ship nationwide and international.

Available Landing Gear Assets:

Complete set of 737-400 High Gross Weight Installation Level

Available for loan and exchange.